NB! Tantsime iga ilmaga.

Armsad linetantsijad!
Olete ka sel suvel oodatud „Siniallika Trahterisse“ tantsima
Kolmapäeval 10.juulil  kell 18:00 – 21:00

Tantsude nimekiri   10.juulil
1.Meie suvi on see                                        
2.1000 Years/ Or Moor
3.Chasing Trouble                                          

4.Soov – Blaze Of Glory
5.Soov – Travellers
6.Cuba Libre                                                
7.My Ladies Rhumba                                    
8.Groovy Love                                                
9.Soov – Nothing But You                             
10.Soov – Grazy Foot Mambo
11.Boum Boum Boum                                  
12.Do It Like This
13.Little Sofia                                                
14.Soov -Vanotek Cha                                   
15.Soov – Mysterious Girl
16.La Cintura                                                
17.I,ve Been Waiting For You                      
18.Good Vibes
19.Havana EZ Cha

20.Ticket To The Blues
21.Tantsuõpetus (Maie uus tants)
22.Loco Amor
23.Prince Chaming Waltz

24.Soov – Swing Time Boogie
25.Soov – Cake By The Ocean
26.Feeling Hot
27.Easy Love
28.Imelda,s Way
29. Come Dance With Me
30.Soov – Slowly Gently Softly
31.Big Girls Boogie
32.E-Z Tango Cha
33.Miss   Calculation

34.Soov- Feels Like Paradise
35.It,s Raining
36.Echame La Culpa
37.Skinny Genes
38. Lonely Drum
39.Those Were The Days

40.Kiss Me Kiss Me

Tumedalt trükitud tantsudel näitan 1 seina ette.



ARHIIV õpitud tantsud Kose”Vallatud kurvid” , Suure-Jaani”Hearts &Flowers” ja Viljandi”Tantsupiigad”

  Kose  “Vallatud kurvid”
1.Boum Boum Boum
2.Chasing Trouble
4.Come On Over
5.Cuban Libre
6.Cumbia Semana
7.Do It Like This
8.Get It Right
9.Good Vibes
10.Groovy Love
11.Hello Heart
12.I,ve Been Waiting For You
13.Kiss Me Kiss Me
14.La Cintura
15.Meie suvi on see
16.Or Moor (1000 Years)
17.Prince  Charming  Waltz
18.Ticket To The Blues
19.Those Were The Days
20.Un ,Dos ,Tress

 2017 / 2018
1. ABBAcadabra
3.Come Dance With Me
4.Echame La Culpa
5.False Eyelashes
6.Got My Baby Back
7. Happy ,Happy,Happy
8.Havana EZ Cha
9. Hello Summer
10.Jupm In The Line
11.Loco Amor
12.Lonely Drum
13.One Kiss
14.Save Me Tonight
16.The Most Beautiful
17.Where I Belong   

1.All About A Woman
2. All In My Head (Alvaro AB)
3.An Absolute Dream
6.Baby Belle
8.Easy Love
9.Ella,s Waltz
11.E-Z Tango Cha
12.Feeling Hot
14. HilliBilly Girl
15. Imelad,s Way
16.It,s Raining
17.Little Sofia
19.Mamma Maria
20.Miss Calculation
21.Mountains To The Sea
22.My Everything
23. Write This Down (AB)

Suure – Jaani “Hearts & Flowers”
2018 /  2019
1.Beautiful Crazy
2.Come On Over
3.Cowboy Polka
4.Cuba Libre
5.Chasing Trouble

7.Get It Right
8.Groovy Love
9.Good Vibes
10.Hasta Luego
11.I,ve Been Waiting For You
12.La Cintura
15.Love Flow
16.Mama Mia!Why Me?
17.Meie suvi on see
18.Prince Chaming Waltz
19.Whiskey Bridges
20.Queen Of My Heart

   2017 / 2018
2.All You Need
4.Clap Your Hands and Stamp  Your Feet
5.Echame La Culpa
6.False Eyelashes
7.Havana  EZ  Cha
8.In Nineteen Seventy Three
9.Loco Amor
10.Lonely Drum
11.My Mother, My Teacher ,My Friend
13.Save Me Tonight
17.The Most Beautiful Girl
18.Time To Surrender
19.Wandering  Hearts
20.We,re In Heaven

 2016 / 2017
1.Beautiful Sunday
2. Bring On The Good Times
3. Carry You Home
4. Don,t You
5. Ella,s Waltz
6. Favorite Boyfriend
7.Gerry,s Reel
8. Got A Feeling
9.Got My Baby Back
10.Harden Up Princess
12. I Know A Guy
13. Lies Lies Lies
14.Mountains To The Sea
15.My Everything
16. Praise The Lord
17.Singalong Song
19. So Just Dance Dance Dance!
20.Summer Fiesta
21.The Queen
22. Walk Of Shame
23. You Don,t Need To Knock

Viljandi „Tantsupiigad“
2018 / 2019
1.All The Way Up
2.Be Boll EZ
3.Come On Over
4.Cuba Libre
5.Good Vibes
6.Hello Heart
7.La Cintura
8.Little Sofia
9.Lonely Lovers
10.Love Flow
11.My Ladies Rhumba
12.Touch By Touch
13.Vita Nuova
14.Queen Of My Heart

   2017 / 2018
2.Big Girls Boogie
3.Cap  Tango
4.Clap Your Hands ,and Stamp Your Feet
5.False Eyelashes
6.Happy Happy Happy
7.Havana EZ Cha
8.Hello Summer
9.Loco Amor
11.My Mother,My Teacher,My Friend
12.One This Night
13.Rock In Christmas
14.The Most Beautiful Girl

   Varem õpitud
3.Baby Amame
4.Baby Smile
.Bandidos Last Ride
6.E-Z Tango Cha
7.Feeling Hot
8.Feel Like A Fool
9.Imelda,s Way
10.AB Party
11.Miss Calculation
12.Smokey Places
14.Jo,n Jo Tango
15.Come Dance With Me
16.Ticket To The Blues
17.Heart Of An Angel
18.It,s Raining
19.The Galway Gathering
20.Rainova teel
21.Li La Lo
22.Mamma Maria
23.Baby Belle
24.My Everything
25.An Absolute Dream
26.Little Too Late
27.Those Were The Days
28.Stroll Along Cha Cha
29.Easy Love